waking of the sleeping giant

The youths of Nigeria are setting things on fire from every angle to put an end to all the happiness in the nation.

This is definitely a sign that something massive is about to happen in Nigeria that will catch the attention of the whole world.  The lovers of Nigeria must pay attention to this growing wave rising from every angle. Now we understand better, that a mans destiny is in his hand, Whether you live or die it is your choice. Following the trend online, a group just appeared from no where and are very aggressive. This team of youths is call ICT EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION,  One will never believe you will get trainings like this free any where in the world, let alone in Nigeria, this is one of the project the Nigeria government have been looking into, read the introduction from there site.

The ICT Empowerment Foundation is the brainchild of a group of information and communication technology professionals with a vision to bring ICT education to every Nigerian youth for free. We have noticed that many people in Nigeria are still quite oblivious of the many opportunities that the world of ICT offers. At a time when the government of the day is struggling to liberate millions from the shackles of poverty, we believe strongly that the knowledge of ICT especially among the young people will go a long way to uplift many people. We are currently working in partnership with Sound part Global Limited, an ICT resource company to develop strategies towards the successful implementation of our goals. Yet our training classes are on, so is the registration. It was tough to have the previous set come through, but it become easer as we go on and your support will make a huge difference.


Training on IT is one of the most sort for and most expensive training in Nigeria, the masses didn’t believe they can have this for free until this theme showed up. Nigerian receiving a smile of hope with ICT Empowerment Foundation. After interviewing there public relations officer Mr Abubaka. I find hope of free education and a new Nigeria. Follow us now to see the interview… read more



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