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Positioning for Opportunity

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At all times, there has always been great opportunities all around, it is now for you to discover it and this depends absolutely on your  weather. A right weather is an exert spot or position necessary for an expected event to take place. Success in life is all about positioning for opportunities and the weather of a place determines the opportunities.

For instance; you want to be a billionaire and then decided to relocate to a village of 1000 population who deals only in tens and hundreds of dollars who are also farmers, and you are a laptop seller. Already, you have misplaced yourself in a wrong weather, because the available resources in that place and general capacity of the place does not measure-up with your goal, apart from the fact that what you have to offer and what is needed does not align.



When deciding on a business to invest time and money, it is important to take some major considerations that can help with possibilities along the way, we are going to be looking at a few of those consideration.

Prospect: this is the first thing to consider on my list, you will not want to invest all your time and money in a business with dead-end, you must understand that starting a business and sustaining it are two different things. The joy and success of a business is not starting it, because when the excitement of the starting moment is past what will be left to run with? A business with dead-end allow you have the excitement in the beginning and dash your hope for success. You may wonder why everyday, a lot of business start very well and just end up in the wind; yes, they all draw start-up energy from the excitement of expectation. For a business without future prospect, that has growth limit,  when you hit the limit, the growth stop and start to return down then, all expectations and the excitement that generate all the energy disappear.

Weather: Yes,  I will tell you that it is not enough to discover a business idea with good prospect and jump right into it, or just because you visited one of your friends that is into it who encourage you. The weather factor mean a lot in a business. You must consider your environment, the class of people available, what is their needs, financial capacity, cost of running the business in that area, limitations and law, competition. All of this needs to be analyse just because it is doing well in environment A does not mean it will with environment B

Capacity: many people ignore this but it is very important, consider your strength when choosing a business to invest in, it is an advantage, lapses become very obvious with an idea you are struggling with. You most understand that business investment is a competition and your competitors are looking for every mistake to take advantage of. Chosing within your capacity help you deliver quality and flawless serve with less effort.

Resources: do not be unwise, before going into that business investment after your research and everything, count your cost, stay within your limit. Do not rush into a business you can not sponsor at the early age, whatever you do, do not borrow to start a business. When you borrow money to start a business you do not have the freedom within you to use it with a relaxed mind, you look forward to quick return than necessary, your attention is divided, you can’t take the necessary risk needed to succeed in the business.


When looking for great business opportunities with little or no capital that automatically limit your choice, however there are some that can earn your great income with a little or no financial commitment. I will mention only three as a gift to you for loving my content.

Web Hosting: this is one great treasure you discover today. web hosting service is a service that is highly demanded world wide and there is no growth limitation or environmental factor as it an internet base business, as technical and professional skilled as it sound, you do not have to be a programmer or an IT guru to get going successfully with this. You can become a reseller and get commission for every sale you make or invest a little capital to have your server and hosting website setup for you and counting thousands of dollars monthly everything is setup for you, all you need to do is promotion this is one of the easiest and highest paying investment out there. If you want to get a server and hosting website setup it will cost you around $1000 to $2000 which can be recovered between 5 to 30 days offer. My recommendation if you want to go into this is the value and quality of their service is very high and very reliable.

Academic Books Supply: no doubt the rate of  consumption of academic books all over the world is increasing daily, I have work in this capacity and have also lost count of the number of people I have sold this Idea to that has reached back to me with gratitude. This may not work in some countries but does for many, there are a lot of publishing firm out there with great book laying down in there warehouses and there are thousands and millions of schools out their, and all of them are in need of books. Search and signup with a publisher, you can connect your buyers online or offline by locating and working into their office with sample, with a few school you will smile home always. If you love this you can try With most publisher you only need to spend transport to go around school.

Real Estate Agency: Real estate is not just selling but also trending all over the world, everyone this days wants to invest in real estate, so just look around,you for available properties for sale get the details, and look for buyer recommended platform . It is a choice business of the day.

Conclusion: financial opportunity and successful is more about positioning yourself in the right weather, that gives you full access to everything.


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